This is a list of talks, letters, and other items that I have translated (or helped translate) from Persian and Arabic to English.

Provisional Translations of Baháʼí Literature (What Are Provisional Translations?)

Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • Adib Masumian (trans.), “Qáʼim-Maqám Faráhání in the Baháʼí Writings,” Lights of ʻIrfán, Book 20, May 2019, pp. 163–198 (in press). Translation of Vahid Rafati, “Qáʼim-Maqám Faráhání dar Áthár-i-Baháʼí,” Safíniy-i-‘Irfán, Daftar-i-Hizhdahum [no. 18], 2015, 268–293.

Transcripts of Talks



News Articles