This is a list of talks, letters, and other items that I have translated (or helped translate) from Persian and Arabic to English. All word counts have been rounded off to the nearest ten and should thus be regarded as estimates.

Provisional Translations of Baháʼí Texts (What Are Provisional Translations?)

Book Chapters

Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • Adib Masumian (trans.), “Qáʼim-Maqám Faráhání in the Baháʼí Writings,” Lights of ʻIrfán, Book 20, May 2019, pp. 161–196. 10280 words. Translation of Vahid Rafati, “Qáʼim-Maqám Faráhání dar Áthár-i-Baháʼí,” Safíniy-i-‘Irfán, Daftar-i-Hizhdahum [no. 18], 2015, 268–293.
  • Adib Masumian (trans.), “The Invocation ‘Is There Any Remover of Difficulties Save God…,'” forthcoming. 530 words. Translation of Muhammad Afnan, “Dhikr-i-‘Hal min Mufarrijin Ghayru’lláh…,'” Safíniy-i-‘Irfán, Daftar-i-Nuhum [no. 9], 2006, pp. 263–264.

Miscellaneous Historical Documents

Unpublished Projects

  • Ruha Kazemzadeh Atai, Kazem Kazemzadeh, and Adib Masumian (trans.). Of Heroes and Heroines: The Stories of the Ashrafs, the Varqás, and the Arbábs (working title). Final product in private hands. Persian. 37680 words. Translated August 2021.


  • Shabnam Toloui (interviewer) and Abbas Milani (interviewee), “Intellectuals and Hostility to the Bahá’í Faith in Iran.” Persian. 7330 words. Forthcoming. Originally published by aasoo as “Rawshan-fikrán va Bahá’í-sitizí dar Írán” on 6 September 2021 here.

Transcripts of Talks




News Articles