“…O God, my God! Verily, Thy righteous servants in that land are in the grip of the wicked…”

What follows is my provisional translation (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) of a Tablet of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, the original text of which has been published in Zia Eblaghi, Gul-háy-i-‘Ishq dar Shúrih-zár-i-Tárík, p. 349. 

Delivered via Áqá Mírzá Maḥmúd Zarqání
Bandar ‘Abbás
To Jináb-i-Mírzá Ma‘ṣúm-‘Alí, upon him be the Glory of God, the All-Glorious

He is God

O thou who art firm in the Covenant! Thy letter arrived, and it gladdened my heart and soul. It was redolent with the sweet-scented breaths of righteous souls, inasmuch as that port was besieged with tests and the oppressors stretched out their hands in aggression, never slackening in their persecution and cruelty. Yet in spite of this, the friends in that port remained firm and steadfast and did not succumb to weeping and wailing. Therefore, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá is satisfied and pleased with those blessed souls, and from the habitation of the All-Praised do I entreat for them evident grace, for the sorely tried are accepted at the threshold of the Adored One. At times of peace and tranquility, everyone claimeth to be rightly guided, but in the thick of tests and hardships, staunch souls appear like unto flourishing trees in the utmost beauty and freshness.

Convey my greetings and abundant longing to Jináb-i-Ra’ís Muḥammad ‘Abdu’l-Ghafúr. From the favors of the Lord of the Kingdom do I implore for him a limitless measure of aid and bounty.

O God, my God! Verily, Thy righteous servants in that land are in the grip of the wicked. Immersed are they in the depths of the oceans of adversity and tribulation; they lie in the clutches of ferocious beasts and are caught in the claws of ravening wolves. Despite this, they have remained firm in thy manifest Cause, drinking deep from the wellspring of assurance and enjoying the blessing of absolute certitude. Never have they been swayed by the slander of oppressive slanderers, nor frightened by the scourge of every transgressing sinner. Lord! Make them signs of guidance and banners waving with the winds of virtue. Assist them with the fragrances of Thy holiness wafting from the Concourse on High, and gladden their hearts with beholding Thy brilliant lights shining from the Abhá Kingdom. Thou, verily, art the Protector of them that are wholly devoted to Thee, and art compassionate to Thy faithful servants. Thou art, in very truth, powerful over all things.

Shavvál 1339*
‘Abdu’l-Bahá ‘Abbás


* June–July 1921.

A typescript of the original Persian and Arabic text of the Tablet appears below (all punctuation mine). 

به واسطۀ آقا میرزا محمود زرقانی
بندر عبّاس
جناب میرزا معصوم‌علی، علیه بهاءالله الابهی


ای ثابت بر پیمان، نامۀ شما رسید و سبب شادمانی دل و جان گردید. نفحۀ مشکباری از انفاس نفوس ابرار داشت، زیرا آن بندر در ششدر امتحان افتاد و ستمکاران دست تطاول گشودند و در اذیّت و جفا قصور ننمودند. با وجود این، احبّای آن بندر ثبوت و استقامت فرمودند و جزع و فزع ننمودند. لهذا عبدالبهاء از آن نفوس مبارکه راضی و خوشنود، و از مقام محمودْ آنان را فیض مشهود می‌طلبم، زیرا در آستان حضرت معبود نفوس ممتحنه مقبول. وقت آسایش و راحت هر نفسی مدّعی هدایت، ولی در آزمایش و مشقّت نفوس ثابته مانند شجرۀ نابته در نهایت لطافت و طراوت.

جناب رئیس محمّد عبدالغفور را از قِبَل من تحیّت و اشتیاق موفور برسانید. از الطاف ربّ الملکوت او را عون و عنایتی غیر محدود طلبم.

الهی الهی، إنّ عبادک الأبرار فی ذلک الدّیار تحت سلطة الأشرار، خاضوا غمار بحار الضّرّاء و البأساء و وقعوا تحت مخالب الوحوش الضّاریة و ابتلئوا ببراثن ذئاب کاسرة. مع ذلک، ثبتوا علی دینک المبین و شربوا من عین الیقین و تمتّعوا بحقّ الیقین و لم تأخذهم لومة لائم من الظّالمین و لم یخشوا بأس کلّ معتد اثیم. ربّ، اجعلهم آیات الهدی و رایات تخفق بأریاح التّقوی، و انصرهم بنفحات قدسک العابقة من الملأ الأعلی، و اشرح صدورهم بمشاهدة انوارک السّاطعة من الملکوت الأبهی. إنّک أنت ولیّ المخلصین و الرّؤف بعبادک المؤمنین، و إنّک لعلی کلّ شیء قدیر.

شوّال ۱۳۳۹
عبدالبهاء عبّاس