A Tablet by ʻAbduʼl-Bahá Commemorating the Martyrdom of the Báb

What follows is a provisional (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) translation of a Tablet from ʻAbduʼl-Bahá written to commemorate the Martyrdom of the Báb. Joshua Hall and I worked together to produce this translation. The original text of the Tablet has been published in Ayyám-i-Tisʻih, pp. 187188.

He is the All-Glorious

O ‘Alí-Akbar!

The Day of the Martyrdom of the Most Exalted One is come—may My spirit be a sacrifice for His hallowed blood!

This is the Day when the Sun of Truth was eclipsed by the clouds of divine solicitude!

This is the Day when that Shining Moon set beneath the horizon of the world!

This is the Day when that pure and precious Form fell upon the dust and weltered in His blood!

This is the Day when that Breast—innocent of rancor and like unto a stainless mirror—was pierced by innumerable bullets!

This is the Day when that Lamp Divine was broken free of His mortal glass!

This is the Day when the cry of the Concourse on High is raised aloud!

This is the Day when the denizens of the heavenly kingdom, with tearful eyes and hearts aflame, are wailing in grief and lamentation!

A typed version of the complete Persian text of this Tablet appears below.

هُوَ الْأبْهی

يا حضرتِ علی قبلِ اکبر، يومِ شهادتِ حضرتِ اعلی روحی لِدَمِهِ المطّهر فداست. اليوم يومیست که آفتابِ حقيقت در پسِ سحابِ عنايت رفت. امروز روزيست که آن مَهِ تابان اُفول نمود. امروز روزيست که آن تنِ نازنينِ پاک در خاک و خون غلطيد. امروز روزيست که آن سينۀ بی‌کينۀ چون آئينه از هزار رَصاص مُشبَّک شد. امروز روزيست که آن سِراجِ الهی از زُجاجِ جسمانی اِنفِکاک نمود. امروز روزيست که نالۀ مَلاءِ اعلی بلند است. امروز روزيست که اهلِ ملکوت با چشمی گريان و قلبی سوزان در فرياد و فغانند