Baha’u’llah’s Tablet of Visitation for His Brother, Mirza Musa (Aqay-i-Kalim)

What follows is my provisional translation (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) of a Tablet of Visitation revealed by Bahá’u’lláh in honor of His brother, Mírzá Músá, also known as Áqáy-i-Kalím. The original text of this Tablet of Visitation appears in INBA 65:8792

NOTE: The portion of the translation colored in blue has been reviewed and approved by the Research Department at the Bahá’í World Center, according to this memorandum they sent to the Universal House of Justice. 

He it is Who remembereth and knoweth

O Pen of the Most High! The direst calamity and the most grievous affliction hath come to pass. Make mention of the one who repaired to the Most Exalted Companion and ascended to the All-Glorious Horizon.

Say: Upon thee rest the first splendor that appeared and shone forth from the horizon of the mercy of thy Lord, the King of names and Fashioner of the heavens, and the first fragrance wafted up from the gardens of bounty and immortality, O dayspring of faithfulness amidst the righteous, O dawning-place of contentment among the pure in heart! I bear witness that thou didst hold fast to the Book when the disbelievers cast it behind their backs, and that thou didst cling firmly to the hem of generosity when the transgressors rejected it at the prompting of their own caprices. Blessed art thou, O My brother, for thou wast made a target for the darts of divine decree in the path of God, the Possessor of the Kingdom of Names, and happy indeed art thou, O Kalím, in that thou didst attain to the Light of the Ancient of Days.

I testify that thou wast faithful to the Covenant at a time when the people of sedition had broken it, and that thou didst hasten to the Supreme Horizon when the Call was raised between earth and heaven. Thou wast in the company of thy Lord in times of trial and tribulation, and eventually thou didst depart with Him as an exile from the Land of Ṭá by reason of what the hands of the wicked had wrought.

From there thou didst arrive, together with thy Lord, in Baghdád, a place which the All-Merciful made the seat of His Throne for successive years. I bear witness that thou didst believe in God and acknowledge the truth of what the Tongue of grandeur proclaimed in the midst of creation—and I testify, moreover, that thou didst quaff the choice sealed Wine when its seal was opened in His Name, the Self-Subsisting.

Thence thou didst depart again from ‘Iráq with the Daystar of the world, standing before Him at night and at dawn, until thou didst enter, together with thy Lord, into the Land of Mystery, known as Edirne, and from there into the Most Great Prison. Thou wast with Him for numerous years, present before this Wronged One every morn and eve, until at last thou didst soar, on the wings of longing, unto God, Lord of the Day of the Covenant. The verses of thy God, the All-Glorious, drew thee to the Most Exalted Paradise, a place wherein naught can be seen but the evidences of the bounty of thy Lord, the Gracious, the Ancient of Days. May the brilliant splendor shining from the horizon of the heaven of thy Lord’s bounty rest upon thee—on thy beginning and on thine end, on thine outer being and thine inner reality—and upon thee also be the mercy of God and His blessings.

Lauded be Thy Name, O God of the seen and unseen alike, Thou Who dost nurture all existence! I entreat Thee by the effulgences of Thy throne and the dawning splendors of the sun of Thy proof, and by the light that hath shone from the orient of Thy Will in Thy days, to pardon me and my parents, and to forgive whosoever hath believed in Thee and in Thy signs.

O Lord! I beseech Thee by this pure and holy tomb—and by him that circled round Thee and rose in Thy service until he yielded up his soul in Thy path, while in the Most Great Prison, before the faces of all mankind—to aid Thy servants and Thy handmaids to do what will shed forth the fragrance of Thy good-pleasure. Ordain for them, then, by Thy grace and bounty, that which will remain with them in every world of Thy worlds. Thou art, in truth, the Lord of all men, Possessor of the Throne on high and of earth below. No God is there but Thee, the Ever-Forgiving, the Most Generous.

A complete typescript of the original Arabic text of this Tablet appears below (all vocalization and punctuation mine). 

هو الذّاكر العليم

يا قلم الأعلى، قد أتتِ المصيبةُ الكبرى والرّزيّةُ العظمى. أُذكرْ مَن صعد إلى الرّفيق الأعلى والأفق الأبهى. قل أوّل بهاءٍ ظهر وأشرق من أفق سماء رحمة ربّك مالك الأسماء وفاطر السّماء و أوّل عرفٍ سطع من رياض العناية والبقاء عليك يا مطلع الوفاء بين الأخيار ومشرق الرّضاء بين الأحرار. أشهد أنّك تمسّكتَ بالكتاب إذ نبذه المشركون ورائهم وتشبّثتَ بذيل الكرم إذ أنكره المعتدون بأهوائهم. طوبى لك يا أخي بما كُنتَ هدفاً لسهام القضاء في سبيل الله مالك ملكوت الأسماء ونعيماً لك يا كليم بما فُزتَ بأنوار القديم. أشهد أنّك وفيتَ بالميثاق إذ نقضه أهلُ النّفاق وسرعتَ إلى الأفق الأعلى إذ ارتفع النّداء بين الأرض والسّماء، وكُنتَ مع ربّك في موارد البأساء والضّرّاء إلى أن خرجتَ معه مَنفياً من أرض الطّاء بما اكتسبت أيادي الأشقياء ووردتَ مع مولاك في الزّوراء المقام الّذي جعله الرّحمنُ مقرَّ عرشه في سِنينٍ متواليات. أشهد أنّك آمنتَ بالله واعترفتَ بما نطق به لسانُ العظمة بين البريّة وشربتَ الرّحيقَ المختوم إذ فُتِحَ ختمُه باسمه القيّوم وهاجرتَ مرّةً أخرى من العراق مع نيّر الآفاق وكُنتَ قائماً أمام الوجه في العشي والإشراق إلى أن وردتَ مع ربّك أرضَ السّرّ الّتي سُمِّيَتْ بأدرنة ومنها إلى السّجن الأعظم وكُنتَ معه في سِنينٍ معدودات وحاضراً لدى المظلوم في الصّباح والمساء إلى أن طِرتَ بقوادم الإشتياق إلى الله مالك يوم الميثاق واجتذبتْك آياتُ ربّك الأبهى إلى الفردوس الأعلى المقام الّذي لا يُرى فيه إلّا ظهورات عناية ربّك الفضّال القديم. البهاء المشرق من أفق سماء عناية ربّك عليك وعلى أوّلك وآخرك وظاهرك وباطنك ورحمة الله وبركاته.

سبحانك يا إله الغيب والشّهود ومربّي الوجود أسألك بأنوار عرشك وبإشراقات أنوار نيّر برهانك، وبالنّور الّذي سطع من أفق إرادتك في أيّامك، بأن تغفرَ لي ولوالديّ ولمن آمن بك وبآياتك. أي ربّ أسألك بهذا الرّمس المطهّر المقدّس، وبالّذي طاف حولَك وقام على خدمتك إلى أن أنفق روحَه في سبيلك في السّجن الأعظم أمام وجوه العالم، بأن تؤيّدَ عبادَك وإمائَك على ما يتضوّعُ به عرفُ رضائك. ثمّ قدّر لهم بجودك وكرمك ما يكون معهم في كلّ عالمٍ من عوالمك. إنّك أنت مولى الورى ومالك العرش والثّرى. لا إله إلّا أنت الغفور الكريم.