“The Preserved Tablet speaketh, the verses are revealed, the perspicuous signs have appeared…”

What follows is my provisional translation (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) of a Tablet of Baháʼuʼlláh, the original text of which is published in Yádnámiy-i-Bayḍá’-i-Núrá’, p. 9

To [Abu’l-Qásim] Bayḍá’ in Yazd

He it is Who beholdeth from His Most Exalted Horizon

The Preserved Tablet speaketh, the verses are revealed, the perspicuous signs have appeared, the Sun of the Cause shineth resplendent from the horizon of power, and the Call is raised, yet all are heedless thereof and veiled therefrom, save those who, in their attraction to that Voice, have set their faces towards the Dayspring of Glory detached from all things. It is they who are the Hands of the Cause of God in the midst of creation. Well is it with him whom vain imaginings have not kept back from the dawning-place of certitude, and who hath cleaved tenaciously to the blessed utterance: “He doeth what He willeth.” Whosoever attaineth to these blessed words will achieve manifest assurance; such a one shall cling, with complete resignation and contentment, to whatever may appear from the Supreme Horizon. Blessed is he who hath heard My voice, turned to My horizon, and attained to My most glorious and wondrous Cause.

Mention of thee was made in the presence of this Wronged One, and thy verses achieved the distinction of having been heard. Praised be God, thou wast aided to acceptance and honored with this blessed Tablet, adorned with the traces of the Pen of the Most High. Glorify thou the Desire of the world, that in the Most Great Prison He hath graciously remembered thee. Unto Him be praise at all times; He is the All-Possessing, the Most Exalted.

The Glory of Bahá rest on the people of Bahá, whom nothing whatever hath debarred from God, Maker of the heavens.

A typescript of the original Persian and Arabic text of this Tablet appears below. 

ارض یا، بیضا

هو النّاظر من افقه الاعلى

لوح محفوظ مى‌فرمايد آيات نازل و بيّنات ظاهر و نيّر امر از افق اقتدار مشرق و ندا مرتفع و لکن کلّ غافل و محجوب مگر نفوسى که از جذب ندا منقطعاً عن الاشياء به‌افق اعلی توجّه نمودند، ايشانند ايادى امر حق ما بين خلق. طوبى از براى نفسى که اوهام او را از مشرق يقين محروم نساخت و به‌کلمه مبارکه يفعل ما يشاء تمسّک جست. هر نفسى به‌اين کلمه مبارکه فائز شد به‌يقين مبين فائز مى‌شود و آنچه از افق اعلی ظاهر بکمال تسليم و رضا اخذ مى‌نمايد. طوبى لمن سمع ندائى و اقبل الی افقى و فاز بامرى العزيز البديع.

ذکرت نزد مظلوم مذکور و نظمت بشرف اصغاء فائز للّه الحمد بر اقبال مؤيّد شدى و به‌اين لوح مبارک که به‌اثر قلم اعلی مزيّن است مفتخر گشتى. حمد کن مقصود عالميان را که در سجن اعظم عنايت فرمود و ترا ذکر نمود. له الحمد فى کلّ الاحوال و هو الغنىّ المتعال.

البهاء من لدى البهاء علی اهل البهاء الّذين ما منعهم شئ من الاشياء عن اللّه فاطر السّماء.