“Lo! The portal of utterance is flung open, and the Youth of inner meaning is come.”

What follows is my provisional translation (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) of a Tablet from Baháʼuʼlláh addressed to a certain Siyyid Muḥammad bin Vahíd, the original text of which is published in Áthár-i-Qalam-i-Aʻlá, vol. 4, pp. 358–359.

He is the Most Great, the Most Mighty

Lo! The portal of utterance is flung open, and the Youth of inner meaning is come. In His right hand, He beareth a chalice filled with the wine of the mercy of your Lord, the Most Exalted, the Most Great.

At one time, thou wilt discover from the contents of that chalice a remnant of fire, wherewith the veils which becloud the learned shall be devoured. At another, thou wilt discern therein a glimmer of light, through which the hearts of the perceptive ones shall be illumined. At yet another, thou wilt regard it even as the water of life itself, for therewith shall God quicken every moldering bone. Well is it with him who seizeth this chalice in the name of his Lord, and drinketh his fill therefrom in remembrance of Me, the All-Glorious, the All-Wise.

Be united in the Cause of God, for thereby shall His Cause be exalted amidst men. He, in truth, is the All-Knowing, the All-Wise. Unto you hath been enjoined a chaste and holy life in the religion of God. By My life! This is even as the very garment with which I am arrayed. Blessed is he who hath attained unto this luminous vesture. Verily, nothing whatsoever hath the power to deter thy Lord from the execution of His Will. Were He to pronounce heaven to be earth, to none is given the right to question His authority; and were He to take hold of all the things of this world, to none is it permitted to ask why or wherefore. All things bear witness that He hath power to ordain whatsoever He pleaseth.

This is the station of God amidst His servants, and the meaning of His sovereignty over His creation. Lo! This sublime rank hath been sealed with this glorious Vision. Notwithstanding, We have manifested Ourself adorned with the raiment of virtue as a token of Our grace. Verily, thy Lord is the Ever-Forgiving, the Most Compassionate. They who have transgressed the bounds set down in the Book, and have acted in ways not permitted unto them by God, are of the treacherous; and they who commit such acts as have been forbidden unto them are, of a certainty, to be reckoned with the heedless. Comport yourselves in accordance with what We have enjoined upon you in the Tablets, that from you may be manifested amidst men the holiness of the Cause of your Lord, and the faces of them that have drawn nigh unto Him be illumined thereby.

Say: Ye are in your homes while He Who is the Master of every house remembereth you in this Most Great Prison. He wisheth to make you rulers of the realms of His Kingdom, and heirs to His most glorious, His most sublime dominion. Be not saddened by them who have disbelieved. In all your affairs, put your reliance in God—the Almighty, the All-Praised—with such great devotion that the faithful will detect from you the sweet savors of Paradise. Such is the conduct which befitteth him who believeth in his Lord, the Glorious, the Peerless.

A typed version of the complete Arabic text of this Tablet appears below (all punctuation mine).

الاعظم العظیم

قد فتح باب البيان و ظهر غلام المعانى و کان فى يده اليمنى کأس من سلسبيل رحمة ربّکم العلىّ العظيم

مرّةً تجد عمّا فيها اثر النّار بما تحترق منه احجاب العالمين و طوراً تجد منه اثر النّور و به تستضيىء افئدة العارفين و تارةً تراه ماء الحيوان لانّ به احيى اللّه کلّ عظم رميم. طوبى لمن اخذها باسم ربّه و شرب بذکرى العزيز الحکيم

ان اتّحدوا فى امر اللّه؛ بذلک يرفع امره بين العباد. انّه لهو العالم الخبير. عليکم بالتّقوى فى دين اللّه لعمرى انّه قميصى طوبى لمن فاز بهذا القميص المنير. انّ ربّک لا يشغله شيئ عن شيئ؛ و لو يحکم علی السّماء حُکْمَ الارض، ليس لاحدٍ ان يعترض عليه؛ و لو يتصرّف فيما علی الارض، ليس لاحد ان يقول لمَ او بمَ. قد نطق کلُّ شيئ بانّه هو الحاکم علی ما يريد

هذا شأن اللّه بين عباده و سلطانه لبريّته. قد ختم هذا المقام بهذا المنظر الکريم. معذلک اظهرنا نفسنا بلباس التّقوى فضلاً من لدنّا. انّ ربّک لهو الغفور الرّحيم. انّ الّذين تجاوزوا عمّا حدّد فى الکتاب و يعملون بغير ما اذن اللّه لهم اولئک من الخائنين. و الّذين ارتکبوا ما نهوا عنه انّهم من الغافلين. تخلّقوا بما امرناکم به فى الالواح ليظهر تقديس امر ربّکم بين العباد؛ بذلک تستضيئ وجوه المقرّبين

قل انتم فى بيوتکم و سلطان البيت يذکّرکم فى هذا السّجن العظيم و يريد ان يجعلکم ملوکاً فى ممالک ملکوته و ورّاثاً فى جبروته العزيز المنيع. لا تحزن من الّذين کفروا؛ توکّل فى کلّ الامور علی اللّه العزيز الحميد على شأن تجدنّ منک المخلصون نفحات الرّضوان. کذلک ينبغى لمن آمن بربّه العزيز الفريد