Passage from a Tablet of Baha’u’llah on the Ascension and Station of the Soul after Death

What follows is my provisional translation (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) of a passage from a Tablet of Bahá’u’lláh, the original text of which is published in Áyát-i-Iláhí, vol. 2, p. 127

Death is naught but ascension from one realm to another, more excellent than the first, and merely a transition from one place to another. With hope do the detached among Our servants implore this place from God, exalted be His glory, for after the soul’s ascension, it shall appear before God and circle around Him, and then will it turn to the station that hath been ordained for it.

A typescript of the original Persian and Arabic text of this passage appears below. 

ليسَ الموتُ الّا صعود مِن عالمٍ الی عالمٍ آخَر اَلطف مِن الاوّل، و ما هو الّا انتقالُ مِن مقامٍ الی مقامٍ آخَر. منقطعين از عباد اين مقام را از حقّ، جلّ جلاله، سائل و آملند، چه که روح بعد از صعود عنداللّه حاضر و طائف و بعد توجّه به مقام مقدّره از برای خود می‌نمايد.