“O thou who cleavest tenaciously to the cord of the grace and bounty of the Beauty of God!”

What follows is a provisional translation (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) of a Tablet of ʻAbduʼl-Bahá to a Bahá’í of Jewish background by the name of Mullá ‘Áshúr (Háshim-i-Ghayúr). The original text of this Tablet has yet to be published; this photocopy in the hand of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá was supplied to me by Flor Toloui, the great-granddaughter of Mullá ‘Áshúr. I am grateful to Naeem Nabiliakbar for helping me to read the text in its original form. 

He is the All-Glorious

To Jináb-i-‘Áshúr, upon him be the Glory of God, the All-Glorious

He is the Most Effulgent

O thou who cleavest tenaciously to the cord of the grace and bounty of the Beauty of God! Yield praise unto God that thou wert mentioned at the Most Holy Court and singled out for the favors and bestowals of the Ancient Beauty. The descendants of Abraham are many, but thou hast attained to the bounty of the All-Glorious Lord and the sheltering shade of the gifts of Him Who is the Subtle, the All-Informed. We place our hope in the divine confirmations that thou mayest awaken Israel and bring awareness to the tribes of the Lord of Hosts—that thou mayest guide them all to the sacred land of Zion and lead them to the pavilion of testimony.

I have written this after sunset, at a time when it is dark and the eye cannot see, with the utmost rapidity and affection. Observe how the ocean of love is surging, that nothing can prevent my remembrance of the friends through the pen and the ink.

Glory rest on thee.

A typescript of the original Persian text of this Tablet appears below. 


جنابِ عاشور، علیه بهاءالله الابهی، ملاحظه نمایند


ای متشبّث به حبلِ فضل و عنایتِ جمالِ احدیّت، حمد کن خدا را که در ساحتِ اقدس مذکور شدی و به فضل و موهبتِ جمالِ قدم مخصوص شدی. انباءِ خلیل بسیار، لکن تو به عنایتِ ربِّ جلیل فائز شدی و در ظلِّ الطافِ لطیفِ خبیر در آمدی. از تأییداتِ الهیّه امیدواریم که اسرائیل را بیدار نمائی و شُعَبِ ربِّ جنود را هوشیار کنی و کلّ را به صهیونِ مقدّس دلالت نمائی و به خیمۀ شهادت هدایت کنی.

در وقتِ بعد از غروب که هوا تاریک است و چشم نمی‌بیند به سرعتِ تامّ در کمالِ محبّت مرقوم شد. ملاحظه کن که دریایِ حبّ به چه قِسْم موّاج است که هیچ چیز از یادِ دوستان به واسطۀ قلم و مداد منع نمی‌نماید. والبهاء علیک ع ع