A letter from Anisa Fanaeian to her uncle, Ata’u’llah Rezvani

The following is my translation of a letter written by Anisa Fanaeian to her uncle, Ata’u’llah Rezvani, in Semnan prison. She addressed this letter to Mr. Rezvani after he was martyred in the Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas on August 24, 2013 (full story here). Many thanks to Naeem Nabiliakbar for assisting me with this translation.

Unpretentious, calm, patient, firm, and—of course—always smiling. From the days of my childhood, you were always like this next to me. You were so modest and peaceful that, with your departure, I realized the extent to which you calmed the storms in my life. Throughout the harshness of these years—and in the absence of Mom, Siyamak and me myself—you always traveled that long road from Bandar Abbas to Semnan to be with my children for a few days. Your existence affected me so profoundly that your name—the name of my beloved uncle — was constantly on my children’s lips.   But unfortunately, in your absence, I was unable to be with your loving family so that I could compensate, to a small degree, what you had done for me.  Oh, if only we could still have our share of your presence in this world! Yet, I think our fate is decided. In this prison, however, I still have in my mind the image of you always smiling.  It brings me peace during my moments of longing and loneliness, such that I prostrate myself and gratefully praise the One True God for having had the bounty of your existence over the years, and recite, “O God my God, I render thanks unto Thee at all times and praise Thee under all conditions.”

Original text of the letter in Persian:

ساده، آرام، صبور، مطمئن و البته همیشه خندان. از دوران کودکی‌ام همواره این گونه در کنارم بودی. آن قدر ساده و آرام بودی که با رفتنت فهمیدم چه قدر باعث آرامش طوفان‌های زندگی‌ام بودی. در ناملایمات این سال‌ها، در نبود مامان و سیامک و خود من، همواره راه طولانی بندر عباس به سمنان را می‌پیمودی تا چند روز در کنار فرزندانم باشی. بودنت آن چنان تأثیر گزار بود که نام تو به عنوان دایی محبوب همواره ورد زبان ستاره و شکیب است و من نتوانستم درزمان نبودنت به پای همه بودن‌های بی‌پیرایه و صمیمانه‌ات و به احترام روح عظیمت در کنار خانوادۀ مهربانت باشم. ای کاش باز هم می‌توانستیم از حضورت در این دنیا سهمی ببریم. ولی گویا قسمت ما تمام شد. اما در این زندان باز هم تصویر همیشه خندان تو در ذهنم آرام‌بخش لحظات دلتنگی‌ام است تا سجده نمایم و خالق یکتا را به شکرانه فضل با تو بودن در این سال‌ها ثنا گویم و بخوانم:  الهی الهی اشکرک فی کل حال و احمدک فی جمیع الاحوال