“In this day, the Speaker on Sinai is proclaiming the words…”

What follows is my provisional translation (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) of a passage from a Tablet of Baháʼuʼlláh, the original text of which has been published in Áyát-i-Iláhí, vol. 1, p. 265

In this day, the Speaker on Sinai is proclaiming the words: “‘He’ hath appeared in the raiment of ‘I,’” and the Hidden One declareth: “I am the Most Manifest.” Difficult is it for the clay clods of the world to attain this station. These blessed words are as the waters of life unto the people of truth and steadfastness, and a lethal poison unto them that turn away in their heedlessness.

The clouds of oppression have overtaken the horizon of fairness, and the palls of tyranny have obstructed the light of justice, yet erelong the heedless repudiators will behold themselves in grievous loss. The cruelty of the oppressor and the transgressions of the oblivious have always exalted the Cause, while that which causeth them that are near unto God to wail and lament are the deeds of those who have associated and still associate themselves with God even as they have committed, and continue to perpetrate, such acts as have been clearly forbidden in all the Books of God.

A typescript of the original Persian text of this passage appears below.

امروز مکلّم طور باين کلمه ناطق: هُوَ در قميص اَنا ظاهر، و مکنون باَنَا المشهود ناطق. گلپارهای عالم مشکل است باين مقام فائز شوند. اين کلمه مبارکه کوثر زندگانی است از برای اهل استقامت و حقيقت، و سمّ قاتل است از برای نفوس معرضه غافله.

سحاب اعتساف افق انصاف را اخذ نموده و غمام ظلم انوار عدل را منع کرده و لکن عنقريب نفوس غافله معرضه خود را در خسران عظيم مشاهده نمايند. ظلم ظالمين و تعدّيات غافلين سبب ارتفاع امر بوده و هست. و آنچه که سبب نوحه مقرّبين است اعمال نفوسی است که خود را بحقّ نسبت داده و می‌دهند و ارتکاب نموده و می‌نمايند آنچه را که در جميع کتب الهی نهی از آن بتصريح نازل.