Words of Baha’u’llah in Praise of the Bab as Stated in the Kitab-i-Badi‘

What follows is my provisional translation (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) of a passage from the Kitáb-i-Badí‘ of Bahá’u’lláh, which appears on pp. 2122 of the Bahá’í-Verlag printing (2008) of that Book. This translation was produced in collaboration with Khazeh Fananapazir. 

Let thou, along with whosoever abideth in heaven and on earth, know one and all that We testify with certitude, We acknowledge openly, We give utterance, We unloose Our tongue, We speak forth, We shout, We cry out and call aloud at the top of Our voice, proclaiming that He [the Báb] is indeed the Exalted Lord, the Sadrah beyond which there is no passing, and the Tree at the furthest extremity; that He Himself is the Kingdom of exaltation,[1] the Dominion of celestial sublimity,[2] and the divine Realm of preexistence;[3] that He is none other than the Spirit of Bahá, the most mighty Mystery, the consummate Word, the Manifestation of the Everlasting Reality, the supremely noble Temple, the adorned Symbol, the Lord of mankind, the turbulent Ocean of might, the most exalted Word, the primal Pearl, the hidden Scroll, the treasured Book, the Beauty of the One True God, the Revealer of His Essence, and the Dayspring of His perpetual Being. But for Him, existence itself would have never come into being; but for Him, the Object of all desire would have never been known; but for Him, the Beauty of the Adored One would have never been revealed. I swear by God that, through His Name, heaven and whatsoever lieth therein were created, and the earth and all who dwell thereon were fashioned. Through Him, every ocean hath surged forth, every river hath flowed, every tree hath given fruit, every divine religion hath been proven true, and the Beauty of the All-Merciful hath been made manifest. By the righteousness of God! Were I to describe Him till the end that hath no end, My heart would find no peace from the burning thirst of My loving desire to recount His names and attributes, how much more My love for His Most Holy, His Most Mighty, His Most Beauteous Self!


[1] malakútu’l-‘ulá

[2] jabarútu’l-‘amá’

[3] láhútu’l-baqá’

A typescript of the original Arabic and Persian text of this passage, taken from the Ocean of Lights website, appears below. All punctuation and vowel marks have been reproduced identically to how they appear in the Bahá’í-Verlag printing of the Kitáb-i-Badí‘. 

شما و كلّ مَن فی السّموات و الأرض جميعاً بدانيد بأنّا كُنّا موقناً معترفاً مذعناً ناطقاً ذاكراً قائلاً منادياً مضجّاً مصرخاً مصحّاً متكلّماً مبلّغاً معجّاً بأعلی الصّوتِ بأنّه هو ربُّ الأعلی و سدرةُ المنتهی و شجرةُ القُصوی و ملكوتُ العُلی و جبروتُ العماء و لاهوت البقاء و روح البهاء و سرّ الأعظم و كلمة الأتمّ و مظهر القِدَم و هيكلُ الأكرم و رمزُ المُنَمْنَم و ربُّ الأُمم و البحرُ المُلْتَطَم و كلمةُ العليا و درّة الأولی و صحيفة المكنون و كتاب المخزون و جمال الأحديّه و مظهر الهوّيّة و مطلع الصّمديّة. لولاهُ ما ظهر الوجودُ و ما عُرِفَ المقصودُ و ما بُرِزَ جمالُ المعبود. تالله، بِاسمه قد خُلِقَت السّماءُ و ما فيها و الأرضُ و مَن عليها. و به موّجتْ البِحارُ و جرتْ الأنهار و أثمرتْ الأشجار. و به حُقّقتْ الأديان و ظهر جمالُ الرّحمن. فوالله، لو نَصِفُهُ إلی آخِرِ الّذی لا آخِرَ لهُ لن يسكنَ فؤادی مِن عطشِ حبِّ ذكرِ أسمائه و صفاته، فكيف نفسِهِ المقدَّسِ العزيزِ الجميل.