Baha’u’llah’s Lawh-i-Husayn

What follows is my provisional translation (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) of a Tablet of Baháʼuʼlláh, the original text of which has been published digitally on the Bahá’í Reference Library here

Immortal is the Friend, while all else shall perish

O Ḥusayn! Commune with the remembrance of God and become oblivious of all but Him, inasmuch as His mention is an intimate free of hypocrisy and a most agreeable confidant. He is a guest bereft of treachery, a companion who poseth no harm and committeth no crime. A trusted associate is He, dependably firm and steadfast. So faithful a friend is He that wherever thou goest, He will come with thee and never leave thy side. He changeth thy sorrow into happiness and cleanseth the rust of heedlessness. This is the day in which the Word of God is suspended between earth and heaven, drawing to itself, even as a magnet, the very essences of the hearts of all creation, while the judgment passed on the peoples of bygone ages—the pronouncement of rejection—is passed by God on whatsoever ascendeth not from the denizens of this earthly realm. I swear by the sun of divine knowledge that if an atom’s worth of essence, nay smaller, were to be hidden in the heart of a mountain, the magnetic power of that Word would assuredly attract that essence and extract it from that mountain. It is even as thou seest in the people of the Bayán; whatsoever was held in the pure hearts, the refined souls, and the luminous breasts of this people hath ascended to the most sublime repository and risen to the habitation of the divine Lote-Tree, while that which belonged to the foul and impure among them hath returned whence it came. Prompted by an idle fancy, they have turned away from an undoubted majesty, and in their contentment with a fleeting shadow, they have remained heedless of an unfading beauty. In this day, they, the most rejected of the world’s outcasts, the most deprived of men, are clearly visible before God. Thus doth He nullify the deeds of them who disbelieve in Him, join partners with Him, and entertain any doubt about the presence of their Lord after He hath appeared with a myriad signs and an omniscient sovereignty.

O Ḥusayn! With this most conclusive of revelations and this most decisive of disclosures, the chalice of immortality is now passed round by the hands of the angels of both heaven and hell. Well is it, then, with him who nourisheth himself with this goblet of life everlasting, and leaveth the cup of ephemeral existence unto them that desire it.

O Ḥusayn! Regard the revelation of God in this day as a sun, and all creation as mirrors. The form of the sun can be seen in every mirror that hath set itself in its direction, and today the splendors emanating from the Countenance of the Most Glorious Beauty are readily apparent in the heart that hath turned towards it. All else are deprived; nay, they are even as nothing. None but a few in this day have inclined themselves thereto, and it is they who are accounted in the sight of God as the essences of being.

The Pen of the Ancient of Days declareth: No ear but Mine can hear My words, nor any eye but Mine apprehend My beauty. How can the eye beclouded by the film of vain desire ever behold the Most Great Vision? The cure for all sickness hath ever been My love, and the healer of every disease will always be My affection. Know thou that the love of God is a purifying agent; wherever it entereth, there no stranger will remain. It turneth illness into health, and changeth sinfulness into mercy. Blessed are they who have attained to this incomparable bounty. Wherefore, render praise, O servant who believest in God, that thou art mentioned as one of the everlasting letters before His presence. The clouds of His heavenly mercy and divine generosity have rained down a bountiful shower upon thee. Thou hast earned thyself a place in that lauded habitation which is the native land of all things: the city of divine love. God grant that thou mayest strive at every moment to be sustained with His wondrous mercy, reserved exclusively for that time, for at every instant the Most Glorious Beauty sheddeth His splendor with a marvelous effulgence, and they who hesitate shall have no share of that celebrated bestowal. Arise with firmness in the Cause of God, and endeavor to thine utmost to teach His Cause, inasmuch as this lofty station is, in the estimation of Him Who is the King of Names and Attributes, the most effective means for drawing nigh unto Him.

O Ḥusayn! Walk in the footsteps of this Youth, and be not at all saddened by the things that have come to pass. By the One in Whose hand is my soul! If the limitless realms of God were confined to this realm alone, and the bounties of this world restricted only to that which its inhabitants possess, I would have never subjected myself to the agony of innumerable afflictions. Reflect on those Prophets who enjoyed near access to God, and ponder the harm that befell them each on His path. I swear by the Ancient Pen that whosoever remembereth this utterance and meditateth thereon, even if he possesseth the smallest possible measure of understanding, shall pay no mind whatever to this world, and in no wise grieve either its existence or its absence. Such a one would likewise achieve that which none hath ever attained, save them whom God hath aided to recognize Him and whose eyes He hath opened to behold His mysteries. And were I to recount the harm that hath befallen me in this city, thou wouldst certainly be saddened, but know this much: that by the One in Whose praise the voice of the mystic Morn hath rung out, such oppression as this hath never occurred from the beginning of creation until now. Thereby have all things been made to wail, and yet they fail to comprehend. Verily I say that nothing befalleth us save that which God Himself hath willed for us. In Him have we placed our trust, and on Him do the near ones rely.

Jináb-i-Muḥammad-‘Alí is with Us; rest thou assured with regard to him. Give thanks unto God that He hath made him to be His companion in the world. Render praise unto God, moreover, that his eyes are set on the Most Great Vision—that his ears are occupied with hearing the words of God, and that his heart is fixed on His remembrance. Blessed is he, and well is it with thee. Convey unto the loved ones of God the mention of the remembrance of this Wronged One.

A complete typescript of the original text of this Tablet appears below.

دوست باقی و مادونش فانی

ای حسين! بذکر اللّه مأنوس شو و از دونش غافل، چه که ذکرش انيسی است بی نفاق و مونسی است با کمال وفاق. ميهمانيست بی خيانت و همدميست بی ضرر و جنايت. مجالسی است امين و مصاحبی است با ثُبات و تمکين. رفيقی است با وفا بشأنيکه هر کجا روی با تو آيد و هرگز از تو نگُسَلَد، غم را به سرور تبديل نمايد و زنگ غفلت بزدايد. اليوم يومی است که کلمۀ جذبيّۀ الهيّه ما بين سموات و ارض معلّق و جذب ميفرمايد جواهر افئدۀ ممکنات را و آنچه از نفوسيکه از امکنۀ ترابيّه صعود ننموده اند حکم ملل قبل و نفی بر آن نفوس من عند اللّه جاری. قسم بآفتاب معانی که اگر مقدار ذرّه ئی از جوهر، بل اقلّ، در جبلی مستور باشد البتّه کلمۀ جذبيّه و فصليّه آنرا جذب نمايد و از جبل فصل کند. چنانچه در ملأ بيان ملاحظه مينمائيد که آنچه از قلوب صافيّه و نفوس زکيّه و صدور منيره در اين قوم بود بمکمن اعزّ اعلی و مقرّ سدرۀ منتهی متصاعد شدند و آنچه از نفوس غير مطهّرۀ کدره، باصل خود راجع گشتند. بوهمی از سلطان يقين اعراض نمودند و بظلّ فانی از جمال باقی غافل شده اند. مردود ترين عالم و محروم ترين ناس اليوم بين يدی اللّه مشهودند. کذلک يبطل اللّه اعمال الّذينهم کفروا و أشرکوا و کانوا فی مرية من لقاء ربّهم بعد الّذی ظهر بکلّ الآيات و سلطان عليم.

ای حسين! کأس بقاء باتمّ ظهور و بروز، بايادی ملائکۀ جنّت و نار، در دور آمده پس نيکو است حال نفسی که از کأس باقی مرزوق شود و کأس فانی را باهلش وا گذارد.

ای حسين! امر حقّ را اليوم چون شمس ملاحظه نما و جميع موجودات را مرايا. و هر يک از مرايا که بشمس توجّه نمود و مقابل گشت صورت او در او ظاهر و هويدا و اليوم قلبی که مقابل شد با جمال ابهی انوارِ وجه در او ظاهر و مشهود و من دون ذلک محروم بل مفقود. و اليوم مقابل نشده مگر معدودی و ايشانند جواهر وجود عند اللّه.

قلم قدم ميفرمايد: جز سمعم کلماتم نشنود و جز چشمم بجمالم عارف نگردد. بصر که برمد هوی عليل شد چگونه بمنظر اکبر ناظر شود؟ طبيب جملۀ علّتها حبّم بوده و شافی جميع امراض ودّم خواهد بود. حبّ الهی را مطهّر دان، در هر محلّ که وارد شود اجنبی نماند، علّت را بصحّت و جرم را برحمت تبديل نمايد. طوبی از برای نفوسی که باين فضل لا عِدل لها فائز شوند. پس تو ای عبد موقن باللّه، حمد کن که از حروفات باقيّه عند اللّه مذکوری. سحاب رحمت رحمانيّتش بر تو باريده و غمام مکرمت سبحانيّتش بر تو امطار مرحمت مبذول داشته. در وطن اصلی و مقام محمود که مدينۀ حبّ الهی است مقرّ گرفته‌ای. انشاء اللّه جهد نما که در کلّ حين از رحمت بديعش که مخصوص آن حين است مرزوق گردی و فائز شوی، چه که در هر آنی جمال ابهی بتجلّی ابدع، تجلّی فرمايد و اهل وقوف را از آن فضل معروف قسمت نه. بايست مستقيم بر امر اللّه و بقدر وسع در تبليغ امرش جهد نما، که اليوم اَقرب قُرُبات در نزد سلطان اسماء و صفات، اين رتبۀ بلند اعلی است.

ای حسين! بر اثر قدم غلام قدم گذار و مشی کن و ابداً از امورات وارده محزون مباش. فو الّذی نفسی بيده که اگر عوالم لا يتناهی الهی منحصر باين عالم بود و نعمتش مخصوص آنچه در دنيا عند اهلش مشهود است، ابداً خود را در بلايای لا يحصی معذّب نمی ساختم. فکر در انبيای مقرّبين نما و در ضرّيکه بر هر يک در سبيل الهی وارد شده. قسم بقلم قدم که در هر نفسی اقلّ من ذرّه شعور باشد بذکر اين بيان و تفکّر در آن ابداً بدنيا اعتناء ننمايد و از وجود و فقدانش محزون نگردد و همچنين موفّق شود بامريکه احدی موفّق نشده، إلّا من أيّده اللّه علی عرفانه و فتح بصره بمشاهدة أسراره. و اگر از ضرّ وارده در اين مدينه ذکر نمايم البتّه محزون شوی و لکن اينقدر بدان که فو الّذی دلع لسان الفجر لثنائه که از اوّل ابداع تا حال چنين ظلمی ظاهر نشده و بذلک ناح کلّ شیءٍ و هم لا يشعرون. و أقول لم يُردْ علينا إلّا ما أراد اللّه لنا، عليه توکّلنا و انّ عليه فليتوکّل المقرّبون.

و جناب نبیل قبل علیّ عندنا فاطمئنّ من نفسه ثمّ اشکر اللّه بما جعله معاشر نفسه فی العالمین حمد خدا را که بچشم بمنظر اکبر ناظر است و بسمع در استماع کلمات اللّه مشغول و بقلب متوجّهست بذکر او فطوبی له و لکم احبّآء اللّه را از قبل این مظلوم ذکر ذکر برسانید.