Lawh-i-Quds IV

What follows is my provisional translation (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) of an unpublished Tablet of Bahá’u’lláh. I am grateful to Steven Phelps for supplying me with a scan of the original text, which comes from a manuscript collection held at the British Library (Or15725, p. 308). Due to copyright reasons, the scan itself has not been made available here; instead, I have prepared a typescript of the original text and included it underneath the provisional translation. 

In the Name of God, the Most Wondrous, the Incomparable

This is the Tablet of holiness from Us to him who hath believed and been guided aright, and therein is mentioned what will draw him nigh unto God, the Exalted, the Most High.

Forsake that which thou possessest and take hold of what hath been revealed unto thee through the powerful command of Him Who hath appeared and called aloud. At one time was He manifested with the name ‘Alí,* and then with this Name in His subsequent appearance.

Say: O people! He, verily, is the Youth of God in your midst. Lo, He hath come unto you through the power of truth, invested with mighty signs; hearken to that which He imparteth unto you. By God! A single word thereof is better for you than dominion over this world and the world to come. Beware lest ye dissent among yourselves in His Cause after He hath summoned you to God, the Most Exalted, the All-Glorious. Light be upon whosoever believeth, and fire upon whosoever rejecteth and acteth wantonly.

O people! I am, in truth, the Most Great Sign in your midst and the Most Exalted Word among you. Fear ye God and commit not what will disgrace the dignity of My station amidst mankind. Arise to glorify your Lord—the Transcendent, the Most High—Who hath appeared in this Name. He hath dawned above the horizon of the Spirit, and He summoneth you to the divine Lote-tree, the habitation wherein shineth the Countenance of your Lord, the Most Merciful. Draw nigh thereunto, O ye endued with understanding! Ascend, O people, unto My Kingdom, for it shall never perish; then behold the lights of the Face of your Lord, for they can never be concealed.

Thus have We taught thee what shall profit thee through the power of truth, and what will cause thee to be numbered with the rightly guided.

May Our Spirit be upon thee, and upon thy two sons, and upon her who is with thee, and upon the companions of virtue.


* The Báb.

A complete typescript of the original Arabic text of this Tablet appears below (all punctuation mine). 

بسم الله الأبدع البدیع

هذا لوح القدس من لدنّا إلى الّذي آمن وهدى، وفيه ذُكِرَ ما يقرّبه إلى الله العليّ الأعلى. دع ما عندك وخذ ما نزل عليك من شديد الأمر الّذي ظهر ونادى. إنّه ظهر مرّة باسم عليّ ثمّ بهذا الاسم في كرّته الأخرى. قل يا قوم، إنّه لغلام الله بينكم. قد جائكم بالحقّ بآيات كبرى؛ أن استمعوا ما يلقي عليكم. تالله کلمة منه لخير لكم من ملك الآخرة والأولى. إيّاكم أن تختلفوا في أمره بعد الّذي يدعوكم إلى الله العليّ الأبهى. والنّور لمن آمن به والنّار لمن كفر وبغى. يا قوم، إنّي لآية الأعظم بينكم وكلمة العليا فيكم. اتّقوا الله و لا ترتكبوا ما تضيّع به حرمتي بين الورى. قوموا على ذكر ربّكم العليّ الأعلى في هذا الاسم؛ أشرق عن أفق الرّوح ويدعوكم إلى سدرة المنتهى، مقرّ الّذي فيه استضاء وجه ربّكم الرّحمن؛ تقرّبوا إليه يا أولى النّهى. أن اصعدوا يا قوم إلى ملكوتي وإنّه لا يفنى، ثمّ انظروا أنوار وجه ربّكم وإنّها لا يخفى. كذلك علّمناك ما ينفعك بالحقّ ويجعلك من أهل الهدى.

والرّوح من لدنّا عليك وعلى ابنيك وعلى الّتي معك وعلى أصحاب التّقى.