“There is no truth whatsoever to the inferences of the astrologers…”

What follows is my provisional translation (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) of a passage from a Tablet of ʻAbduʼl-Bahá, the original text of which is published in Amr va Khalq, vol. 3, pp. 35859.

There is no truth whatsoever to the inferences of the astrologers, which is to say those inferences that pertain to good and evil occurrences. . . . But as to scientific inferences made from the movement of celestial bodies—such as the lunar eclipse, the solar eclipse, and the like—there is a substance and basis to these. To infer, however, the advent of the holy Manifestations from the appearance of stars is a supernatural thing which hath no relationship to the current science of astronomy.

A typescript of the original Persian text of this passage appears below.

استنباط‌های منجّمين يعنی استنباط‌هائی که تعلّق بوقائع خير و شر دارد ابداً حکمتی ندارد. . . . ولی استنباط‌های فنّی که تعلّق بحرکات نجوم دارد مثل خسوف و کسوف و أمثالها اين پايه و مايه دارد و امّا استنباط از نجوم از ظهور مظاهر مقدّسه خارق العاده است دخلی بفنّ نجوم حالی ندارد.