“With candor do I speak, and in my speech I take delight…”

The following is my translation of a passage from ghazal no. 317 of Ḥáfiẓ. The verses of this translation follow an AABB rhyme scheme and are set to an alternating metrical structure; the first two lines are in iambic heptameter, the next two in octameter, and the last two in heptameter again.

With candor do I speak, and in my speech I take delight

A slave to love am I; from both the worlds I take my flight

A bird I am of holy gard’ns; parting tales I can’t convey

Alas, I could not tell you how to fateful snares I fell so prey

I was an angel, lofty paradise my former place

‘twas Adam brought me low from high retreats to such disgrace

A typescript of the original Persian text of this passage appears below.

فاش می‌گویم و از گفتۀ خود دلشادم
بندۀ عشقم و از هر دو جهان آزادم
طایر گلشن قدسم چه دهم شرح فراق
که در این دامگه حادثه چون افتادم
من مَلَک بودم و فردوس برین جایم بود
آدم آورد در این دیر خراب آبادم