On the Delightfulness and Curative Qualities of the Divine Verses

What follows is my provisional translation (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) of a letter written by Núru’d-Dín Zayn on behalf of Shoghi Effendi. The original text, apparently unpublished, was provided to me by Emad Talisman in typescript form. 

To Ṭúbá Khánum, the handmaid of God, and her mother, Qamar Khánum, the handmaid of God, upon them both be the Glory of God

The petition written by you two believing and well-assured souls dated 5/9/1322* attained to the honor of perusal by that holy and blessed being, the Guardian of the Cause of God, may our souls be a sacrifice for his sake. The joy and delight that you two firm and steadfast leaves have felt and continue to feel in your hearts, instilled there by a ray of the light emanating from the divine verses and words, constitute the highest degree of God’s bounty and favor that have encompassed you. The Guardian implores from the Threshold of the Adored One, He Who is the Desired Beauty, that the sweetness and spiritual effects of the heavenly utterances—which are a cure for every sufferer of pain and a recourse for every hapless one—may forever endure in the palates of your hearts and souls, and that physical health and well-being be fully granted you, so you may live out your days in illumination and certitude through the manifold blessings of God. You never escape the tender attention of that holy being; rest assured and rejoice.

This was written at the behest of the blessed Guardian.

Núru’d-Dín Zayn
16 Jamál 101
13 May 1944


* 5 Ádhar 1322 of the Persian solar (Shamsí) calendar, equivalent to 27 November 1943.

A typescript of the original Persian text of the letter appears below (all punctuation mine). 

امة الله طوبی خانم و والدۀ ایشان امة الله قمر خانم، علیهما بهاءالله [ملاحظه نمایند]

عریضۀ آن دو نفس موقنۀ مطمئنّه مورّخۀ ۵ / ۹ / ۱۳۲۲ به شرف ملاحظۀ وجود اقدس مبارک حضرت ولیّ امرالله – ارواحنا فداه – مشرّف و فائز، و خوشی و فرحی که در قلب آن دو ورقۀ ثابتۀ راسخه از پرتو انوار آیات و کلمات الهی حاصل بوده و هست منتهی درجۀ عنایت و الطاف حقّ است که شامل گشته. از درگاه طلعت معبود و جمال مقصود مسئلت فرمایند تا حلاوت و تأثیرات روحانی بیانات رحمانی، که شفای هر دردمند و علاج هر مستمند است، در کام دل و جان باقی و پاینده ماند و صحّت و عافیت جسمانی کاملاً عطا گردد، تا ایّام زندگانی را با روشنائی و اطمینان به عنایات سبحانی بگذرانند. هیچوقت از نظر مرحمت وجود مبارک فراموش نگردند؛ مطمئن و مستبشر باشند.

حسب الامر مبارک مرقوم گردید.

نورالدّین زین

۱۶ شهرالجمال ۱۰۱
۱۳ می ۱۹۴۴