Lawh-i-Quds VI

What follows is my provisional translation (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) of a Tablet of Bahá’u’lláh, the original text of which appears in INBA 18:211–12.

To Jináb-i-Mírzá ‘Alí-Naqí

In the Name of Him Who standeth supreme over all things

This is the Tablet of holiness; We have expounded it from the Mother Book and sent it unto the one who hath believed in the Lord his God, the All-Merciful, that its verses may draw him to the horizon of names and attributes, and sanctify him from sorrow, that he might celebrate His praise amidst the concourse of creation. He, in truth, ordaineth what He pleaseth; no God is there but Him, the Almighty, the All-Wise.

Beware lest thou be saddened by what befell thee in His Path. Have patience and be of the thankful. Canst thou find anything upon the earth that endureth? No, by the Lord of the worlds! Erelong will perish that which thou seest, while glory and power shall remain for the Ancient King. Rejoice in My remembrance and forsake them that have disbelieved in God. They, verily, have not oppressed thee, rather their own selves, but by reason of their repudiation, they are oblivious of what they have done. The day is fast approaching when they will behold their deeds. Potent indeed is thy Lord to do as He pleaseth. By My life! Could they but comprehend, they would weep bitter tears until they died at last. They are in naught but manifest error! Place thy trust in God; He is with thee and proclaimeth, “Blessed art thou, inasmuch as thou hast attained to affliction upon My Path and adversity in My love. Thy reward lieth in the treasuries of My bounty. Despair not of My mercy* and say, ‘Praise be to Thee, O Lord of the worlds!’”


* cf. Qur’án 12:87.

A complete typescript of the original Arabic text of this Tablet appears below. 

جناب میرزا علی‌نقی

بسم الله القائم علی الاشیاء

هذا لوح القدس قد فصّلناه من امّ البیان و ارسلناه الی من آمن بالله ربّه الرّحمن لتجذبه الآیات الی افق الأسماء و الصّفات و تقدسّه من حزن لینطق بذکره بین ملأ الاکوان انّه لهو الحاکم علی ما یشاء لا اله الاّ هو العزیز الحکیم ایّاک ان یحزنک ما ورد علیک فی سبیله ان اصبر و کن من الشّاکرین هل تجد فی الأرض من باق لا و ربّ العالمین سیفی ما تری و یبقی العزّة و الاقتدار للملک القدیم ان افرح بذکری دع الّذینهم کفروا بالله انّهم ما ظلموا علیکم بل علی انفسهم و لکن بما اعرضوا غفلوا عمّا فعلوا فسوف یرون اعمالهم انّ ربّک لهو الحاکم علی ما یرید لعمری لو یعرفون لیبکون الی ان یموتوا ان هم الاّ فی ضلال مبین توکّل علی الله انه معک و یقول طوبی لک بما فزت بالمصائب فی سبیلی و المکاره فی حبّی و اجرک فی خزائن عنایتی لا تیأس من روحی و قل ان الحمد لک یا ربّ العالمین