“O kind Lord! Answer Thou the cries of the hapless…”

What follows is my provisional translation (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) of a prayer from ʻAbduʼl-Bahá, the original text of which is published in Majmú‘iy-i-Munáját-há: Ḥaḍrat-i-‘Abdu’l-Bahá, pp. 5556 (selection no. 55). According to Star of the West, vol. 18, no. 11, p. 343, it comes from a Tablet that ‘Abdu’l-Bahá wrote “for friends in England during the first year of the Great War [World War I],” and “is dated ‘Akká, Syria, October 4, 1914.”

He is God

O kind Lord! Answer Thou the cries of the hapless. O pure Providence! Show Thou mercy unto these children motherless and fatherless. O Self-Sufficient God! Put Thou an end to this tempestuous flood. O Creator of the world’s inhabitants! Extinguish Thou this raging conflagration. O Great Helper! Come Thou to the aid of the orphans. O Supreme Judge! Console Thou the bitterly grieving mothers. O Compassionate and All-Merciful Lord! Have Thou pity upon the crying eyes and the burning hearts of the fathers. Still Thou this storm, and change Thou this world-consuming war into peace and reconciliation. Thou art the All-Seeing, the All-Hearing.

A typescript of the complete Persian text of this prayer appears below.


ای خداوند مهربان به فریاد بیچارگان برس. ای پاک یزدان بر این اطفال یتیم رحم فرما. ای خداوند بی‌نیاز این سیل شدید را قطع کن. ای خالق جهانیان این آتش افروخته را خاموش کن. ای دادرس به فریاد یتیمان برس. ای داور حقیقی مادران جگر خون را تسلی ده. ای رحمان رحیم بر چشم گریان و دل سوزان پدران رحم نما. این طوفان را ساکت کن و این جنگ جهان گیر را به صلح و آشتی مبدل فرما. تویی بینا و شنوا