Baha’u’llah on the Station of John the Baptist

What follows is a provisional translation (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) of a passage from Baháʼuʼlláh’s Kitáb-i-Badíʻ (Baháʼí-Verlag, 2008, p. 79) that deals with the ontological station of John the Baptist. Necati Alkan and I worked together to produce this translation. The two footnotes that accompany this passage appear in Baháʼí-Verlag’s reproduction of the original text. 

By God! The relationship between the Revelation of the Primal Point (the Báb) and this most wondrous, this most glorious Revelation is identical to that of the Revelation of John, son of Zechariah (John the Baptist), and the Spirit of God [Jesus]. This recurrence hath come to pass in every respect, for just as John the Baptist was both a Prophet [nabí] and a Messenger [rasúl] of God, He likewise heralded the Manifestation Who succeeded Him, even as He hath said: ‘O people! I herald unto you the Kingdom of God; it verily is near,’ and in another connection, ‘The Kingdom of heaven is at hand.’[1] Furthermore, just as John the Baptist came invested with laws and ordinances, and just as the advent of Jesus Christ occurred during His time, the Primal Point—may My life be a sacrifice unto Him—declared thus, after making a universal covenant and heralding the Revelation to come: ‘Verily, the end is nigh, and ye are fast asleep.’[2] This utterance is the very same as the one proclaimed aforetime by John, son of Zechariah.


[1] Matthew 3:2.

[2] In Arabic Bayán 2:7, it is said: “Verily, the end is nigh, and ye know not thereof” (my provisional rendering).

A typescript of the complete Persian and Arabic text of this passage appears below.

و فوالله ظهور نقطۀ اولی و این ظهور ابدع ابهی بعینه ظهور یحیی بن زکریا و روح‌الله است و جمیع مطالق واقع شده. همان قسم که یحیی نبیّ و رسول بود مِن عندالله و همچنین مبشّر به ظهور بعد چنانچه می‌فرمود: «یا قوم، إنّی أبشّرکم بملکوت الله و إنّه قد اقترب» و در مقام دیگر: «و قد اقتربتْ ملکوتُ الله»[۱] و همچنین صاحب احکام و شریعت بوده و همچنین در ایّام ظهود او روح ظاهر شده، نقطۀ اولی – روح ما سواه فداه – بعد از آن که اخذ عهد از کلّ نموده و بشارت داده به ظهور بعد می‌فرماید: «و لقد قرُب الزّوال و أنتم راقدون»[۲]، که بعینه همان مضمون است که یحیی بن زکریا به آن تکلّم نموده و بشارت داده.

[۱] انجیل متّی، آیۀ دوّم از باب سوّم

[۲] در باب هفتم از واحد دوّم بیان عربی می‌فرمایند: «و لقد قرب الزّوال و إنّکم أنتم ذلک الیومَ لا تعرفون.»