“O servant of God! Thou hadst written about the benevolent gaze and the malevolent glare…”

What follows is my provisional translation (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) of a Tablet of ʻAbduʼl-Bahá, the original text of which is published in Makátíb-i-Ḥaḍrat-i-‘Abdu’l-Bahá, vol. 3, pp. 25758

He is God

O servant of God! Thou hadst written about the benevolent gaze and the malevolent glare—in other words, afflictions that proceed from the eye. This is mere superstition, but there are feelings that result from this superstition which take hold in people. Those feelings, in turn, can give rise to certain impressions. Suppose, for example, there is someone who becomes reputed to have “the evil eye,” and another person who believeth, with certainty, in such influences of the eye. When the person infamous for having “the evil eye” looketh at this hapless soul, he, being superstitious, will grow anxious; he will have no peace of mind, waiting constantly for a calamity to befall him. These are the impressions that are caused, and these the occurrences which result. It is not the case that some misfortune or other proceeded from the eye of the former and affected the latter. If, therefore, such a thought as this should cross one’s mind: “So-and-so is evil-eyed and hath glared at me,” let that one engage immediately in the remembrance of God, in order that this superstition may fade away from their heart.

Upon thee be the Glory of the All-Glorious.

A complete typescript of the original Persian text of this Tablet appears below.


ای بندۀ الهی، در خصوص چشم پاک و ناپاک يعنی اصابت عين مرقوم نموده بوديد. اين محض توهّم است ولی احساساتی از اين وهم در نفوس حاصل گردد. آن احساسات سبب حصول تأثّرات شود. مثلاً نفسی بشور چشمی شهرت يابد که اين شخص بد چشم است و نفْسی ديگر معتقد و متيقّن بتأثّرات چشم. چون آنشخص به ”بد چشم“ مشهور نظری باين بيچاره نمايد اين متوهّم مضطرب گردد و پريشان خاطر شود و منتظر ورود بلائی گردد. اين تأثّرات سبب شود و وقوعاتی حاصل گردد و اِلّا نه اينستکه از چشم آن شخص آفتی صادر شد و بوجود اين شخص رسيد. لهذا اگر نفْسی بقلبش چنين خطوری کرد که فلان شخص شور چشم است و مرا نظر نمود فوراً بذکر الهی مشغول شود تا اين وهم از قلب زائل گردد. و عَلَيْکَ الْبَهَاءُ الْاَبْهَی.

ع ع