“Magnified be Thy Name, O my God! I love to call on Thee with every tongue, to implore Thee with every utterance…”

What follows is my provisional translation (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) of a prayer of Baháʼuʼlláh, the original text of which is published in Ad‘íyiy-i-Ḥaḍrat-i-Maḥbúb, pp. 5457

Magnified be Thy Name, O my God!

I love to call on Thee with every tongue, to implore Thee with every utterance, to remember Thee with every heart, to thank Thee with every mouth, to bow to Thee with every head, to behold Thee with every eye, and to cherish Thee with every soul—to drink, with every cup, from the oceans of the affections billowing from the celestial realm of Thy generosity; to quaff, with every chalice, from the rivers of the gracious outpourings streaming from the supernal dominion of Thy bounty; to soar, with every wing, unto the heaven that holdeth the throne of Thy grandeur; and to fly, with every feather, through the transcendent splendors of Thy compassion—that in the presence of the warbling of the dove of Thy sovereign glory I may be intoxicated, that before the emergence of the effulgent rays of the sun of Thy beauty I may be enamored, that in the hidden retreats of divinity with the glances of the sublime eyes of Thy oneness I may be enraptured, and that upon the seat of the Kingdom by the brands that glow with the glorious light of Thine ecstasy I may be engrossed, such that I may sever myself from all else but Thee and cleave tenaciously to Thee alone, holding fast to the countenances of the sanctity of Thine eternity, and clinging to the faces of communion with Thy singleness.

Teach me, then, O my God, but one letter from the precincts of Thy knowledge, the treasuries of Thy revelation, the repositories of Thy command, and the daysprings of Thy decree, that upon the throne of the highest heaven I may celebrate Thy praise with the melodies of the holy ones, that blessed with recognition I may render Thee thanks upon the throne of acclamation in the tones of the sanctified, and that upon the throne of supreme splendor I may laud Thee with the anthems of the extollers, for Thou, O my God, hast ordained no glory that consisteth not in the knowledge of Thy Book, nor any light that lieth not in the understanding of Thy verses.

Exalted, immeasurably exalted art Thou! Unto Thee we are all naught but paupers and servants; nothing do we know save what Thou hast taught us from the marvelous wonders of Thy grace and the brilliant rays of Thy munificence as Thou holdest in Thy hands the kingdom of all things. We all, verily, bow down before Thee, fervently hoping for Thy mercy.

A typescript of the complete Arabic text of this prayer appears below. 

سُبْحَانَك اللّهُمَّ يَا الهی

أحبّ بكلّ لسان أدعوك و بكلّ بيان أرجوك و بكلّ قلب أذكرك و بكلّ فم أشكرك و بكلّ وجه أسجدك و بكلّ عين أشاهدك و بكلّ فؤاد أحبّك و بكلّ كؤب أشرب من أبحر عواطف لاهوت مكرمتك و بكلّ كؤوس أسقي من أنهر فواضل جبروت عنايتك و بكلّ جناح أطير الی سموات عرش عظمتك و بكلّ رياش أسير في بهاءآت عزّ مرحمتك لاكون سكراناً عند تغنّي ورقاء سلطان جلالك و جذباناً لدی تظهّر اشراق شمس جمالك و ولهاناً فی سرائر اللّاهوت من لحظات أعين عزّ وحدتك و إدماناً علی عرش الملكوت عند قبسات جذوات أنوار مجد جذبتك لاكون بكلّی منقطعاً اليك و متوسّلا عليك و متمسّكا بطلعات قدس صمديّتك و متعلّقاً بوجهات أنس أحديّتك *

ثمّ علّمنی يا إلهی حرفاً من مكامن علمك و مخازن وحيك و مواقع أمرك و مطالع حكمك لاذكرنّك علی عرش العماء بلحنات المقدّسين و أشكرنّك بالمعرفة علی كرسيّ الثّناء بربوات المنزّهين و أصفنّك علی سرير الابهی بنغمات المسبّحين لانّك يا الهی ما قدّرت عزّاً الّا فی علم كتابك و لا نوراً الّا فی معرفة آياتك *

فسبحانك سبحانك انّا كلّ فقراء اليك و عبداء لك و ما نعلم شيئاً الّا بما تعلّمني من بدائع فضلك و لوامع جودك اذ بيدك ملكوت كلّ شیء و انّا كلّ لك ساجدون و من رحمتك آملون *