Lawh-i-Quds VII

What follows is my provisional translation (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) of an unpublished Tablet of Bahá’u’lláh. I am grateful to Steven Phelps for supplying me with a scan of the original text, which comes from a manuscript collection held at the British Library (Or15694, pp. 627–28). Due to copyright reasons, the scan itself has not been made available here; instead, I have prepared a typescript of the original text and included it underneath the provisional translation. I am grateful to Khazeh Fananapazir for his help with deciphering portions of the manuscript that were smudged. 

He is God, the Exalted, the Most High

This is the Tablet of holiness; upon it hath been written, by a Pen sacred and wondrous, the verses of God, the King, the Transcendent, the Almighty, the Most Holy, the All-Beauteous. Mentioned therein is that servant who heard the melodies of Paradise from the mouth of God, his Lord and the Lord of the worlds.

O servant! Render thanks to thy Lord that He graciously aided thee to attain the divine Presence, such that thou didst visit the Ancient Beauty when He dawned forth from the horizon of ‘Iráq with lights of sublime majesty. By God! To hear a single melody from the mouth of the Lord indeed excelleth whatsoever lieth treasured in the heavens or on the earth, and thine arrival at the Habitation of God is, in truth, better for thee than whatever hath been fashioned in this world, and unto this is God Himself a witness. Appreciate the value of thy rank, for thou wast honored with meeting Him Whose Presence a great many never reached and passed away deploring their failure to attain it. Strive, however, within thine inmost self, lest thou barter away this bounty; this, verily, is a weighty admonition. Protect the love of God in thy heart, that haply it may not be effaced by the insinuations of the ungodly.

Glory rest on thee and on them who have believed in God, the Sovereign, the Truth, the Resplendent.

A complete typescript of the original Arabic text of this Tablet appears below (all punctuation and vocalization mine). 

هوالله العلیّ الأعلی

هذا لوح القدس؛ قد رُقِمَ فیه من قلم قدس بدیع آیات الله الملک المتعالی العزیز المقدّس الجمیل، و یُذکَرُ فیه عبد الّذی سمع نغمات الفردوس من فم الله ربّه و ربّ العالمین. أن یا عبد، أن اشکر ربّک بما وفّقک باللّقاء بحیث زُرتَ جمال القدم حین الّذی أشرق عن أفق العراق بأنوار قدس عظیم. تالله استماع نغمة من فم الله لخیر عمّا کُنِزَ فی السّموات و الأرضین و دخولک علی بقعة الله لخیر لک عمّا خُلِقَ فی الأرض و کان الله علی ذلک شهید. أن اعرف قدرک لأنّک تشرّفتَ بالّذی ماتوا فی حسرته خلق کثیر، ولکن فاسع فی نفسک لئلّا تبدّل هذا الفضل و إنّ هذا لنصح عظیم. أن احفظ حبّ الله فی قلبک لئلّا یُمْحَ من اشارات المشرکین. و البهاء علیک و علی الّذینهم آمنوا بالله الملک الحقّ المبین.