“All are Thy servants, and through Thy Word did they come from nonexistence into being…

What follows is my provisional translation (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) of a prayer of Baháʼuʼlláh, the original text of which is published in Ad‘íyiy-i-Ḥaḍrat-i-Maḥbúb, pp. 34143

My God, independent of all things, most generous and merciful, my Sovereign supreme!

All are Thy servants, and through Thy Word did they come from nonexistence into being. They confess to their poverty and Thy wealth, to their ignorance and Thy knowledge, to their weakness and Thy strength, to their helplessness and Thy sovereign might. Deprive us not, O Bountiful One, of the rain of the heaven of Thy mercy, neither do Thou debar us from the waves of the sea of Thy munificence. These saplings of existence were planted by the hand of Thy loving-kindness. Now is the time for them to grow and develop; they have anticipated and continue to await the vernal showers of Thy grace and the springtime of Thy favor. Withhold not from us that water whereof it is said: “We have made every living thing out of water.”* The signs of Thy generosity have been formerly observed in both the near and the far, in the obedient and the rebellious alike, and today they are present and apparent. It is thus proven that Thy bounty hath never been limited, that Thy pardon hath never ceased, and that Thy generosity hath never been refused to any living thing. Under all circumstances have the tokens of Thine endless benevolence been beheld with the eyes of justice and fairness. Before the ocean of Thy forgiveness, the rebellion of these servants is unworthy of mention, and in the realm of Thine abundant wealth, the poverty and need of these thralls amount to nothing whatsoever. We seek the wonders of Thy bestowal, and have lifted up the hands of our hope unto the court of Thy grandeur. 

O Thou the Forgiver! Deal with us charitably by Thy beneficence. O Thou the Concealer! Cover our transgressions through Thy generosity. O Thou the Bounteous! Deny us not Thy grace. Sinners are we, yet from Thee have we come; leave us not bereft. Remote are we, yet to the precincts of Thy nearness do we imploringly aspire; prevent us not therefrom. Thou art He Who showeth the way, the Possessor of gifts. No God is there but Thee, Lord of the throne on high and of earth below, King of this world and the world to come.


* Qur’án 21:30.

A typescript of the original Persian and Arabic text of this prayer appears below. 

الها بی‌نيازا كريما رحيما ملكا مالكا

همه عباد تواند و از كلمه تو از عدم بوجود آمدند و معترفند بر فقر خود و غنای تو و جهل خود و علم تو و ضعف خود و اقتدار تو و عجز خود و سلطان تو. ای كريم ما را از امطار سماء رحمتت محروم منما و از امواج بحر كرمت منع مكن. اين نهال‌های وجود بيد عنايت تو غرس شده حال وقت ترقّی و نموّ است و منتظر نيسان عنايت تو و ربيع مكرمت تو بوده و هست از آب ﴿ و جعلنا من الماء كلّ شیء حيّ ﴾ ما را منع منما. آثار كرمت از قبل در دانی و قاصی و مطيع و عاصی مشاهده شد و حال موجود و مشهود. پس ببرهان ثابت شد كرمت محدود نبوده و عفوت توقّف نكرده و جودت از موجودات منع نشده. در هر حال آثار فضل بی منتهايت بابصار عدل و انصاف مشاهده شده و ميشود. نزد بحر غفران عصيان اين عباد مذكور نه و در عرصه ثروت و غنا فقر و احتياج اين عباد را مقداری نه. از بدايع عطايت ميطلبيم و دست رجا ببارگاه عظمتت بلند نموده‌ايم. ای غفّار از ما بجودت درگذر و ای ستّار بكرمت ستر نما و ای فضّال فضلت را باز مدار. مجرميم و لكن از توايم محروم منما. بعيديم و لكن بساط قربت را آمل و سائليم ما را منع مكن. توئی راه نما و صاحب عطا. لا اله الّا أنت ربّ العرش و الثّری و مالك الآخرة و الاولی.