A Prayer of Baha’u’llah for Zoroastrian Priests

What follows is my provisional translation (in other words, not official or authorized; see here for more) of a prayer of Baháʼuʼlláh, the original text of which has been published in Adʻíyyiy-i-Ḥaḍrat-i-Maḥbúb, pp. 35254According to Yárán-i-Pársí, p. 487, this prayer comes from a Tablet addressed to a Baháʼí of Zoroastrian background by the name of Bahrám; hence, the references to Zoroastrian priests. The full Tablet has been published in Yárán-i-Pársí, pp. 1617.

O Thou kind Lord, O King Who cometh to our aid! Unto Thee be praise and laudation, thanksgiving and glorification, inasmuch as Thou didst deposit within our hearts the treasure of Thy recognition, and didst form the subtle reality of existence out of water and clay. Thou art that All-Powerful One Whom the might and majesty of Thy servants have been powerless to weaken, and Whose purpose the hosts of heedlessness and the legions of pride and wealth have failed to thwart. At a time when the shafts of enmity and hatred were flying from every side, Thou didst stand with unswerving steadfastness and speak what it beseemed Thee to say. The tyranny of the wicked hath never hindered Thine utterance, nor hath the wrath of the oppressor ever frustrated Thine indomitable will.

O divine Providence! Guide Thou the high priests of the Zoroastrians and assist them with the armies of divine knowledge; perchance they may lead Thy servants aright and herald unto them the Great Announcement.

O Most Generous One! Thy light is brilliant; subduing is Thy command, and pervading Thy decree. Withhold not the ocean of Thy bestowals from Thy chosen ones; ordain for them each, with the pen of Thy bounty, what befitteth Thy grace in this Day. Thou art the Almighty, the All-Knowing, the All-Seeing.

O Thou Provider! Bring awareness to the high priests of the Zoroastrians, that with their awareness they may alert the heedless and guide the wayward aright. Thereby may they all gather beneath the canopy of Thy grandeur and the tree of Thy mercy, where they may hearken unto that for which the faculty of hearing was designed to hear, and behold that for which the power of sight was created to see. It is for Thee to command, and for every soul to readily submit himself to Thy bidding.

A typescript of the original Persian text of this prayer appears below.

﴿ پروردگارا مهربانا پادشاها دادرسا ﴾

حمد و ثنا و شكر و بها ترا سزاست كه گنج شناسائی را در دل وديعه گذاردی و لطيفۀ وجود را از آب و گِل بر انگيختی. توئی توانائی كه قوّت و شوكت عباد ترا ضعيف ننمود و لشكر غفلت و عسكر غرور و ثروت ترا از اراده باز نداشت. در حينی كه سهام ضغينه و بغضا از جميع جهات طيّار باستقامت تمام قائم و بما ينبغی قائل. ظلم فراعنه ترا از گفتار منع نكرد و قهر جبابره از اراده غالبه منع نساخت.

ای پروردگار دستوران را راه نما و بجنود دانائی و علم لدنّی مدد بخش شايد عباد ترا براه راست و خبر بزرگ بشارت دهند و فائز نمايند.

ای كريم نورت ساطع و امرت غالب و حكمت نافذ اوليائت را از دريای بخششت محروم مساز و از برای هر يك از قلم عنايت آنچه اليوم سزاوار فضل توست مرقوم نما و مقدّر فرما. توئی توانا و توئی دانا و بينا.

ای پروردگار دستوران را آگاه نما تا به آگاهی خود غافلين را آگاه نمايند و گمراهان را براه آرند تا كلّ در ظلّ قباب عظمت و سدرۀ رحمت جمع شوند و بشنوند آنچه را كه قوّه سامعه از برای آن بظهور آمده و مشاهده نمايند آنچه را كه قوّه باصره از برای آن موجود گشته. امر امر تو و جان‌ها قربان تو.